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US firm fined for underpaying Indian techies
A Silicon Valley IT company in the US has been ordered to pay $40,000 in back wages to eight Indian workers who worked up to 122 hours a week and received as little as $1.21 an hour. The Electronics for Imaging Inc (EFI) also paid a fine of $3,500 following a federal investigation into its wage and hour practices, which had included paying its workers in Indian Rupees and having them work up to...
Govt invites bids for agency to conduct e-auction   
Department of Telecom (DoT) has invited bids to select an agency to conduct e-auction of spectrum in various bands of telecom airwaves.The department has issued a notice for Request of Proposal for the selection of an agency to conduct e-auction of spectrum on simultaneous multiple-round ascending auction (SMRA) pattern in the 22 telecom service areas (TSAs). The technical and financial bids of...
Paswan asks states to monitor quality   22 October, 2014
Food and Consumer Affairs Minister Ram Vilas Paswan today asked states to strictly monitor quality of consumer products during the ongoing festival season. Expressing concern over reports of spurious and adulterated consumer products, especially eatables being sold during festival season, Paswan has directed senior officials of his department to get in touch with States immediately and take stern...
Shift workers should skip high-iron foods at night   22 October, 2014
Shift workers who munch on high-iron foods such as red meat and beans at night may be disrupting the circadian clock in their livers, a new study has found. Disrupted circadian clocks, researchers believe, are the reason that shift workers experience higher incidences of type 2 diabetes, obesity and cancer. The body's primary circadian clock, which regulates sleep and eating, is in the brain....
Give primacy to Coal India: CPI-M   22 October, 2014
The CPI-M Wednesday criticized the government decision to e-auction coal blocks and demanded that state-owned Coal India must be tasked to do all coal mining in the country.After the Supreme Court quashed the allocation of 214 coal blocks, the government "seems to have decided to promulgate an ordinance empowering it to take back these blocks and reallocate them to private entities", it...
Nepal, India sign power trade agreement   21 October, 2014
Sensex surges 359 points; banking stocks gain   20 October, 2014
A bird in the hand   18 October, 2014
Revised GST bill in winter session: Jaitley   21 October, 2014
PM to review progress of infra sectors on Nov 5   22 October, 2014
Project to scan 'social pollution' on Twitter   18 October, 2014
Apple unveils new iPads, Mac OS   17 October, 2014
Invest in India, Sushma Swaraj urges diaspora   17 October, 2014
India has weakest retirement system globally   16 October, 2014
Modi unveils key labour reforms   16 October, 2014
India calls for building SAARC power grid   17 October, 2014
Govt will subsidise fertilisers post-hike in gas price   20 October, 2014
Tata Steel plans to sell some EU assets   15 October, 2014
India has 11th largest uber-rich population   15 October, 2014
DLF files appeal against regulatory ban   17 October, 2014
US oil output cuts could take a while   15 October, 2014
Snapdeal to raise $600mn investment?   15 October, 2014
Modi transfers finance secretary Mayaram   16 October, 2014
Can't restrict companies from extracting coal: SC   16 October, 2014
Bill Gates wealthiest person in America: Wealth-X   15 October, 2014
IndiGo to buy 250 Airbus A320neo aircraft   15 October, 2014
OPEC daily basket price continues to fall   15 October, 2014
Will defend against SEBI ban order: DLF   14 October, 2014
High and migh-tea!   11 October, 2014
JP Morgan cuts India's growth forecast   13 October, 2014
Tirole wins Nobel Prize for economics   13 October, 2014
SEBI bars DLF, six top executives for 3 years   13 October, 2014
IS threatened our employees: Twitter CEO   11 October, 2014
Sept inflation WPI inflation hits near 5-year-low   14 October, 2014
DLF shares slump over 20 pc, hit record low   14 October, 2014
Chinese economy may hit five-year low   11 October, 2014
Microsoft now look at gender pay gap   11 October, 2014
Modi seeks to revive "zombie factories"   13 October, 2014
India set to grow at 6.4 pc in 2015   11 October, 2014
Court postpones hearing against Birla   13 October, 2014
Call for change   13 February, 2012
Vodafone wins Rs.3,200 crore tax case   10 October, 2014
Adani Group to invest Rs 20,000 cr in MP   09 October, 2014
Sensex goes up around 300 points   09 October, 2014
Reliance Group to invest Rs 60,000 crore in MP   09 October, 2014
Homebuyers expect property prices to rise   25 August, 2014
India set to grow at 6.4 percent in 2015: IMF   11 October, 2014
Govt planning incentives for health assurance mission   09 October, 2014
Land Rover to develop self-learning car   25 August, 2014
'India has unlimited potential for FB'   09 October, 2014
RBI to redefine deposits as ponzi scams mount   25 August, 2014
Bonding within   07 February, 2012
SC's ruling may have wider economic impact   26 August, 2014
Small islands, facing rising seas, seek economic overhaul   25 August, 2014
Wake-up call   21 January, 2012
Ambanis spark reunion talk   30 December, 2011
Midas touch   16 December, 2011
Wheels 'n' apps   17 December, 2011
Future perfect   12 December, 2011
Dubai seventh most popular destination   04 June, 2013
More steps to curb gold import   03 June, 2013
New DTC Bill to be tabled in Parliament   07 June, 2013
IndiGo says allowed to import 28 A320s   03 June, 2013
US exempts India from sanctions   06 June, 2013
Internships emerging as key tool   03 June, 2013
No leadership role for son Rohan: Murthy   01 June, 2013
Windows gains amid Apple-Android clash   04 June, 2013
Infosys recalls Murthy for 5 years   01 June, 2013
India to remain on top: Dr Cherian   03 June, 2013
LinkedIn boosts security   01 June, 2013
Petrol, diesel prices up   01 June, 2013
Growing gaps   12 December, 2011
Rate hikes affected growth   26 November, 2011
Dues and woes   03 December, 2011
Occupational hazards   26 November, 2011
Director’s cut   28 November, 2011
Note knot   28 November, 2011
It’s not flying!   19 November, 2011
King-size life   19 November, 2011
Crude system   19 November, 2011
Space odyssey   18 November, 2011
There is a dearth of qualified persons   18 November, 2011
Do not give up your dreams   18 November, 2011
Old bytes, new hats   11 November, 2011
Centre mulls ban on ponzi ads   22 July, 2013
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