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Back to Basics
By Krishna Raj
Say goodbye to high-tech gyms and hello to isometric exercises that require zero equipment and yet deliver overall fitness
Joy of giving   
When Sadineni Venkateshwara Rao met three-year-old Pranathi for the first time, he tried to take her in his arms. The little girl squirmed and almost let out a cry. After all, Rao was a stranger. But for her parents, Murali Gondu and Chandni, he was a godsend. Born in 2010, Pranathi was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukaemia (ALL) before she turned one. It was Gondu, a lab technician at the...
Hook worms   
What could be the cause of your child’s stunted growth? Recent studies show that in developing countries like India, worm infestation could be one cause apart from a rare syndrome or malnutrition. Worm infestation is one of the seven neglected tropical diseases, including elephantiasis, snail fever and trichuriasis.People tend to ignore the effect of worms on health as it is not very...
Steady state   
Sujay Ghoshal, 53, was a successful entrepreneur, who led a happy, healthy life by playing sports and being a loving husband and a doting father. A few years ago, Ghoshal noticed something wrong when he was out walking with his wife one evening. “I could not swing my right arm and I started dragging my foot as well,” he said. Over the next few months, he noticed his hands shaking, the...
Twists & turns... and triumph   
India has won the battle against polio; a victim recalls the stigma and suffering and how he found comfort in his calling
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Mindfully yours   24 June, 2013
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Not so 'Jolie' good   12 June, 2013
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Joint venture   08 May, 2013
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