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Now, smartphones can check heartbeat
Your smartphone can now help detect if you suffer from atrial fibrillation, the most common form of abnormal heart rhythm which has mild or non-existent symptoms. AliveCor in San Francisco has announced that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted the company clearance for its algorithm to detect atrial fibrillation (AFib). AliveCor's automated analysis process (algorithm)...
US doctor beats Ebola, leaves hospital   21 August, 2014
The American doctor who fell ill with the dangerous Ebola virus while working in Liberia has recovered and is being released from an Atlanta hospital, an aid group said. Kent Brantly, 33, is scheduled to speak to the media along with doctors at Emory University Hospital at 11:00 am (local time), the hospital said in a statement. The president of the Christian missionary group for which Brantly...
No need to panic about Ebola: Vardhan   16 August, 2014
Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan today said there is no case of Ebola virus disease in the country and there is no need for panic about it. "Everything as far as Ebola is concerned is thoroughly well controlled in the country; as on today, to this moment there is no case of Ebola in India and I think there is no need for anybody to panic," Vardhan said.He said all state...
Snake venom could be used to fight cancer   13 August, 2014
Bee, snake and scorpion venom could be used in fight against cancer after lab trials by an Indian- origin scientist-led team showed that the toxins can kill tumours. According to a paper presented at the American Chemical Society conference this week, Dipanjan Pan and his team from the University of Illinois said they may have found a way to stop cancer cell growth. The work is in very early...
Ethical to try untested Ebola drugs: UN   12 August, 2014
The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared that it's ethical to use unproven Ebola drugs and vaccines in the outbreak in West Africa, provided the right conditions are met. The statement from the UN health agency came amid a worldwide debate over the medical ethics surrounding the Ebola outbreak, which it has called an international health emergency. However, the agency sidestepped key...
Hospital asks docs not to abandon duty   12 August, 2014
Maharashtra health department on high-tech mode   07 August, 2014
Study on why some thrive on less sleep   04 August, 2014
Gluten-free diet not good for all: Study   31 July, 2014
Japanese encephalitis wreaks havoc   30 July, 2014
Neymar's brain on autopilot while playing   26 July, 2014
Toddler's eye contact may signal autism risk   26 July, 2014
UN sets norms on arsenic levels in rice   22 July, 2014
IVF made safer thanks to new research   22 July, 2014
Healthy living can reverse cellular impacts of stress   30 July, 2014
Eyes reveal difference between love, lust   19 July, 2014
Learn to live... safely   16 July, 2014
India battles to contain brain fever as toll mounts   26 July, 2014
Treading the path beyond juvenile diabetes   23 July, 2014
Mumbai set to be TB death capital: Report   18 July, 2014
Staying active between workouts, maximises fitness   14 July, 2014
Poor laws, graft have hit India's public healthcare sector   15 July, 2014
More left-handed men born in winter: Study   12 July, 2014
China's medical inferno   08 July, 2014
Tips for staying healthy during Ramadan   04 July, 2014
Dark chocolate benefits those with artery disease   03 July, 2014
Docs bring Google glass to operation theatres   28 June, 2014
3D imaging detects more breast cancer   26 June, 2014
Watching too much TV increases risk of early death   26 June, 2014
'Strong ties with parents make kids better friends'   21 June, 2014
Betting linked to genes: study   18 June, 2014
'Na-nose' offers hope of early lung cancer detection   21 June, 2014
Facebook feelings contagious: study   18 June, 2014
Research on why quitting smoking is harder for some   16 June, 2014
Skin-like, self-lubricating condoms in the works   16 June, 2014
Cravings stem from memories of last bite   16 June, 2014
White bread might be a wonder after all   16 June, 2014
Vardhan rejects reports of underplaying role of condoms   25 June, 2014
New app designed to overcome jet lag   14 April, 2014
Lower testosterone good for relationships   12 April, 2014
Coconut dust used for germinating stronger seeds   12 April, 2014
Delhi HC orders segregation of healthy, junk items   23 April, 2014
How brain pays attention decoded   12 April, 2014
Movies put viewers' brains on same wavelength   11 April, 2014
Drinking milk may prevent arthritis in women   11 April, 2014
Apple iWatch to sport UV light sensor   09 April, 2014
Could mobile phones cause impotence?   08 April, 2014
Tobacco plant kills cancer cells?   07 April, 2014
Soon, blood test to identify the type of cancer   07 April, 2014
Small steps against vector-borne diseases   05 April, 2014
Vaccination alters your body odour   03 April, 2014
Drinking coffee cuts mortality risk from liver cirrhosis   03 April, 2014
Marriage is healthy for the heart: Study   29 March, 2014
Exercise prevents heart diseases: Study   29 March, 2014
New online tool calculates heart's age   27 March, 2014
Do intelligent people trust others more?   21 March, 2014
WHO to certify SE Asia as polio free   22 March, 2014
Dark chocolate's healthy effects from gut bacteria   21 March, 2014
Sleep loss means loss of brain cells   19 March, 2014
Build muscles for a long, healthy life   18 March, 2014
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