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Six more AIIMS like institutes: Jaitley
New Delhi: Six more AIIMS like institutions will be set up in the country, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said Saturday.Presenting the union budget in parliament, Jaitley said these would come up in Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh and Assam. Bihar would get a second institute modelled on the lines of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)."Keeping in view...
Healthcare sector upbeat   
New Delhi: The healthcare industry has welcomed Budget proposals to increase tax exemption limits for health insurance cover and set up more AIIMS across India, saying such moves enable people's access to better facilities. "Increasing the tax exemption on health insurance cover will increase access to healthcare and the addition of more AIIMS will add to infrastructure in the sector....
H1N1 cases rise in UP; nurse infected   27 February, 2015
Lucknow: With 33 new swine flu cases coming to light since Thursday, the total number of H1N1 patients here on Friday climbed to 359, officials said.A nurse at a government hospital tested positive, triggering panic in the health fraternity and forcing the health department to issue new guidelines for prevention of the disease.The health officials are worried because patients were now coming from...
More sleep may put you at higher stroke risk   26 February, 2015
London: In yet another instance of how too much of a good thing can be bad for you, new research shows that people who sleep more than eight hours a night face increased risk of stroke.Long sleepers -- those who sleep more than eight hours a night -- are 46 percent more likely to have a stroke than people who sleep six to eight hours a night, which is considered an average amount of sleep, the...
How eyelash length keeps your eyes healthy   25 February, 2015
New York: Researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology have discovered that 22 species of mammals, including humans, have eyelash length one-third the width of their eye that keeps the eyes healthy.Anything shorter or longer, including the fake eyelashes that are popular in Hollywood and make-up aisles, increases airflow around the eye and leads to more dust hitting the...
New way to combat sleeping sickness   24 February, 2015
Eating late at night bad for your brain   23 February, 2015
Timely meals, early to bed can prevent mental illness   23 February, 2015
'Arsenic levels higher in formula-fed babies'   23 February, 2015
Ebola-hit Liberia to reopen borders   21 February, 2015
Afternoon nap bad for your toddler   18 February, 2015
Selfie obsession is not just narcissism   16 February, 2015
Wink-control glasses for better vision   16 February, 2015
'Can the president help fix my cancer?'   14 February, 2015
Drug-resistant malaria spreading in Myanmar   20 February, 2015
Meat-rich diet bad for kidney patients   13 February, 2015
Know how much sleep you really need   12 February, 2015
Chandigarh to ban sale of loose cigarettes   11 February, 2015
Energy drinks trigger hyperactivity   10 February, 2015
How to stop common cold   09 February, 2015
Over-weight? Red wine could help   07 February, 2015
Stressed? Know if it will lead to depression   06 February, 2015
Vitamin A may protect kids against malaria   04 February, 2015
Only 40 pc of Ebola funds reached countries   04 February, 2015
A medical thriller   02 February, 2015
Musical training protects brain: Study   03 February, 2015
Smartphones may derail social development   02 February, 2015
Common pesticide may increase risk of ADHD   31 January, 2015
Obama details initiative to cure cancer, diabetes   31 January, 2015
Drinking ups stroke risk more than BP, diabetes   30 January, 2015
Ebola virus toll nearly 8,800: WHO   28 January, 2015
Human stem cells generate new hair in lab   28 January, 2015
Daily drinking ups risk of alcoholic cirrhosis   27 January, 2015
Men with bigger bellies last longer in sex   24 January, 2015
Novel device that lowers high BP   23 January, 2015
Ebola vaccine safe, generates immune response, shows trial   29 January, 2015
Exercise boosts brain health in adults   21 January, 2015
Decoded: Where brain stores fear   20 January, 2015
Environment decides immunity as we age   19 January, 2015
Pills to adjust shift workers' body clock   17 January, 2015
'Providing quality healthcare a challenge'   03 January, 2015
Fat cells protect skin against infections   02 January, 2015
Ban sale of loose cigarettes, PM urged   16 January, 2015
New app designed to overcome jet lag   14 April, 2014
How brain stimulates body to burn 'bad' fat   16 January, 2015
Lower testosterone good for relationships   12 April, 2014
Life satisfaction good for bone health   14 January, 2015
Coconut dust used for germinating stronger seeds   12 April, 2014
Sex good for health of species   13 January, 2015
Delhi HC orders segregation of healthy, junk items   23 April, 2014
How brain pays attention decoded   12 April, 2014
App to insult you into losing weight   12 January, 2015
Be optimistic to have a healthy heart   10 January, 2015
Movies put viewers' brains on same wavelength   11 April, 2014
Drinking milk may prevent arthritis in women   11 April, 2014
Apple iWatch to sport UV light sensor   09 April, 2014
Could mobile phones cause impotence?   08 April, 2014
Tobacco plant kills cancer cells?   07 April, 2014
Soon, blood test to identify the type of cancer   07 April, 2014
Small steps against vector-borne diseases   05 April, 2014
Vaccination alters your body odour   03 April, 2014
Drinking coffee cuts mortality risk from liver cirrhosis   03 April, 2014
Marriage is healthy for the heart: Study   29 March, 2014
Exercise prevents heart diseases: Study   29 March, 2014
New online tool calculates heart's age   27 March, 2014
Do intelligent people trust others more?   21 March, 2014
WHO to certify SE Asia as polio free   22 March, 2014
Dark chocolate's healthy effects from gut bacteria   21 March, 2014
Sleep loss means loss of brain cells   19 March, 2014
Build muscles for a long, healthy life   18 March, 2014
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