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Scorpion venom to fight brain cancer
Scientists have received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to use "Tumour Paint", a product derived from scorpion venom for study in human trials in the US, in an effort to treat people suffering from brain cancer.During the phase one trial, "Tumour Paint" will be used on an estimated 21 people with a glioma, or tumour in the brain or spine,
How the brain reacts to faces   27 September, 2014
Can actors like Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry help you decipher how your brain reacts to ambiguous faces? Yes, if their images are intermingled.Morphing such celebrity images together, scientists created an ambiguous face that participants were asked to identify.The findings reveal that individual neurons in the human brain are triggered by the subject's conscious perception rather than by...
How exercise keeps depression at bay   26 September, 2014
It is known that physical exercise has many beneficial effects on health and researchers have now found how exercise shields the brain from stress-induced depression.Exercise training induces changes in skeletal muscle that can purge the blood of a substance that accumulates during stress, and is harmful to the brain, the study on mice showed."Skeletal muscle appears to have a detoxification...
India's healthcare in dismal condition: Report   25 September, 2014
India ranks the lowest in the world on several health indicators and a large part of the country's population has little or no access to good quality healthcare, according to a report released here Wednesday.The health crisis is aggravated by a rising incidence of chronic and non-infectious diseases, the India Infrastructure Report 2013-14: The Road to Universal Health Coverage, released here...
Stressed? Walk outdoor to boost spirit   24 September, 2014
Coping with stress may come without a cost if you care to go out of your house and walk with others in the local natural environment, a study suggests.Group nature walks are linked with significantly lower depression, less perceived stress and enhanced mental health and well-being, the findings showed.The researchers found that people who had recently experienced stressful life events like a...
A blood test to detect psychosis   23 September, 2014
Variation in heartbeats good for human health   23 September, 2014
Exercise may keep brain sharp in old age   22 September, 2014
Dengue cases in Delhi, NCR rise to 55   19 September, 2014
Insulin pumps capable of saving lives   18 September, 2014
Smoking linked with schizophrenia   17 September, 2014
Ebola could infect more than a million, US warns   24 September, 2014
India still leads in deaths among children below 5   16 September, 2014
A glass of milk daily good for your heart   16 September, 2014
UNSC to hold emergency meeting on Ebola   16 September, 2014
Toll hits 2,630; UN to deploy international mission   19 September, 2014
Tweaking brain circuits may cure autism   15 September, 2014
Heart drug could cure Ebola: British experts   14 September, 2014
Vitamin B1 deficiency can damage brain   12 September, 2014
Brain map shows how people take aim   11 September, 2014
Physically active boys perform better in school   11 September, 2014
How to kill back pain during sex   10 September, 2014
Curbing food craving can help combat obesity   09 September, 2014
Treatment of muscular dystrophy possible   08 September, 2014
Facebook can leave you lonely, depressed   08 September, 2014
Age no bar for breast cancer surgery   06 September, 2014
Want a healthy baby? Go to green places   05 September, 2014
Death toll rises to at least 2,296: WHO   10 September, 2014
Can sleep loss shrink your brain?   04 September, 2014
Sex hormones linked to sudden heart attack   03 September, 2014
Exercise can stem frequent night urination   03 September, 2014
Eat fruits daily for healthy heart   02 September, 2014
New tool maps how drug abuse affects brain   29 August, 2014
Daily exercise can help delay ageing   28 August, 2014
Govt finalises health assurance programme   27 August, 2014
'Flight restrictions hamper Ebola response'   26 August, 2014
Govt to come out with comprehensive health policy   25 August, 2014
Ebola outbreak reaches Senegal   30 August, 2014
Efforts on to end corruption in central hospitals: Vardhan   23 August, 2014
Now, smartphones can check heartbeat   22 August, 2014
Ban e-cigarette sales to minors: WHO   27 August, 2014
US doctor beats Ebola, leaves hospital   21 August, 2014
No need to panic about Ebola: Vardhan   16 August, 2014
Liberian doctor who received rare drug ZMapp dies   26 August, 2014
Snake venom could be used to fight cancer   13 August, 2014
New app designed to overcome jet lag   14 April, 2014
Ethical to try untested Ebola drugs: UN   12 August, 2014
Lower testosterone good for relationships   12 April, 2014
Hospital asks docs not to abandon duty   12 August, 2014
Maharashtra health department on high-tech mode   07 August, 2014
Coconut dust used for germinating stronger seeds   12 April, 2014
Delhi HC orders segregation of healthy, junk items   23 April, 2014
Study on why some thrive on less sleep   04 August, 2014
How brain pays attention decoded   12 April, 2014
Gluten-free diet not good for all: Study   31 July, 2014
Movies put viewers' brains on same wavelength   11 April, 2014
Drinking milk may prevent arthritis in women   11 April, 2014
Apple iWatch to sport UV light sensor   09 April, 2014
Could mobile phones cause impotence?   08 April, 2014
Tobacco plant kills cancer cells?   07 April, 2014
Soon, blood test to identify the type of cancer   07 April, 2014
Small steps against vector-borne diseases   05 April, 2014
Vaccination alters your body odour   03 April, 2014
Drinking coffee cuts mortality risk from liver cirrhosis   03 April, 2014
Marriage is healthy for the heart: Study   29 March, 2014
Exercise prevents heart diseases: Study   29 March, 2014
New online tool calculates heart's age   27 March, 2014
Do intelligent people trust others more?   21 March, 2014
WHO to certify SE Asia as polio free   22 March, 2014
Dark chocolate's healthy effects from gut bacteria   21 March, 2014
Sleep loss means loss of brain cells   19 March, 2014
Build muscles for a long, healthy life   18 March, 2014
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