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Infections can also affect your IQ
London:  In addition to harming your physical heath, severe infections of any type can affect your mental capacity as measured on an intelligence quotient (IQ) scale, a new research has found.The researchers found that infections in the brain affected the cognitive ability the most, but many other types of infections severe enough to require hospitalisation can also impair a patient's...
Have coffee daily to boost your sex life   21 May, 2015
New York: Two to three cups of coffee a day can help you rev up your sex life, interesting research has found.According to researchers from the University of Texas, men who drink two to three cups of coffee a day are less likely to have erectile dysfunction (ED)."We saw a reduction in the prevalence of ED with men who were obese, overweight and hypertensive. That was not true of men with...
Excess lead found in Maggi, food inspectors order recall   20 May, 2015
Food inspectors have ordered Nestle India (NEST.NS) to recall a batch of Maggi noodles from shops across the country, saying the product contained dangerous levels of lead.The Food Safety and Drug Administration (FDA) in Uttar Pradesh said high lead content was found during routine tests on two dozen packets of instant noodles, manufactured by Nestle in IndiaTwo FDA officials said all the packets...
How vitamin E helps you build strong muscles   20 May, 2015
New York: Body builders have known for over eight decades that a diet rich in vitamin can help build strong muscles, but scientists have only now figured out one important way the vitamin works.One big problem for many cells, such as muscle cells, is that the plasma membrane, which essentially keeps a cell from spilling its contents and controls what moves in and out, tears just from being...
Mother's obesity may weaken baby's immunity   19 May, 2015
New York:   Babies born to obese mothers are likely to have weaker immunity than those born to lean mothers, says a new study.Pre-pregnancy maternal weight has a significant impact on the immune system of the newborns, putting such children at risk for potential diseases such as heart disease and asthma, the findings showed."A number of studies have linked maternal obesity -...
High salt diet may delay puberty   18 May, 2015
Self-medication can kill patients with hypertension   17 May, 2015
Make kids grow veggies   16 May, 2015
Even modest exercise good for the elderly   16 May, 2015
Single mothers at poor health risk   15 May, 2015
Nine-to-five timing best for your health   18 May, 2015
Red wine reduce cold, cough risk   15 May, 2015
Molecules that kill only cancer cells identified   14 May, 2015
Antibiotic use may make kids obese later   14 May, 2015
New device confirms chikungunya in an hour   13 May, 2015
The world now has a billion smokers   13 May, 2015
Now, a device to prevent heat stroke   12 May, 2015
Email addiction can cause ill-health   11 May, 2015
New test can spot resistant tuberculosis faster   13 May, 2015
Eat healthy for super brain as you age   10 May, 2015
Walking or cycling can help you lose weight   09 May, 2015
Gory videos can cause trauma   07 May, 2015
Bedtime routine makes kids sleep better   08 May, 2015
Social phobia puts your teeth at risk   06 May, 2015
Sleep disorder of kids can affect their mental health   08 May, 2015
Brain ages faster in people with Type-1 diabetes   06 May, 2015
Avoid one sugary drink a day to cut diabetes risk   04 May, 2015
What can help you live up to 100 years   02 May, 2015
Air pollution and poverty lower child's IQ   30 April, 2015
New vaccine can improve HIV treatment   29 April, 2015
Alcohol has lasting impact on memory in teenagers   28 April, 2015
Wockhardt to recall some drugs made in India   28 April, 2015
Dirty sterilisations putting women at risk   27 April, 2015
HIV home test kit goes on sale in UK   27 April, 2015
Just one drink a day ups liver disease risk   26 April, 2015
Swollen neck glands may indicate cancer   27 April, 2015
How fat controls energy levels in brain   24 April, 2015
Woman's brain tumour turns out to be 'evil twin'   24 April, 2015
Lethal liver cancer can be spotted early   22 April, 2015
Dietary supplements may cause cancer   21 April, 2015
Listen to your heart to control behaviour   21 April, 2015
Living without sex not healthy at all   19 April, 2015
Anti-fungal drug may treat cancer too   16 April, 2015
Smartphone device can spot cancer faster   14 April, 2015
Vit E deficiency can damage brain   14 April, 2015
Pluck 200 hair to grow 1,200 new ones!   11 April, 2015
Being grateful can keep heart healthy   10 April, 2015
New study points to potential Ebola drug target   11 April, 2015
Exercise benefits male offspring more   09 April, 2015
Daily exercise can fix fatty liver disease   08 April, 2015
Why some women can't say no to junk food   06 April, 2015
High-fat milk products reduce diabetes risk   05 April, 2015
Enhance fitness levels with spouse   09 April, 2015
App that brings fertility clinic inside your home   06 April, 2015
Discarded drug can better fight cancer   03 April, 2015
Breastfeeding may not prevent child obesity   08 April, 2015
Nirodh condoms to get visual facelift   02 April, 2015
Flexible working hours make workers happy   31 March, 2015
Most parents can't tell if their kid is obese   30 March, 2015
Aggressive breast cancer 'switch' identified   29 March, 2015
MRI may one day replace biopsy   28 March, 2015
New diet could reduce risk of Alzheimer's   25 March, 2015
After learning new words, brain sees them as pictures   25 March, 2015
Gene therapy to treat erectile dysfunction   25 March, 2015
New gene linked to body shape   24 March, 2015
Modi govt puts brakes on universal health plan   27 March, 2015
Ebola crisis not yet over: Report   24 March, 2015
Policy changes can help reduce obesity   23 March, 2015
Vitamin D can reverse low-grade prostate cancer   23 March, 2015
New TB drugs still out of reach for most   21 March, 2015
Antibiotic resistance linked to corruption   21 March, 2015
Ants' chemical improves cancer drug by 50 times   21 March, 2015
National Medicinal Plants Board set up   20 March, 2015
Toddlers' posture affects memory and learning   19 March, 2015
How the brain learns the way things work   18 March, 2015
High-energy breakfast good for diabetics   17 March, 2015
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