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Courage, says the dictionary, makes one confront extreme danger and difficulty without retreating. That requires a certain amount of foolhardiness. At THE WEEK, we believe that there is a method in the madness called courage. It is what made us go after India's own secret torture chambers, when the whole world was discussing Guantanamo Bay, and the hideous torture methods employed by the Americans in the prison they had built on Cuban soil. Our police and security forces were no better, as we realised while chasing the story.

THE WEEK's cover on the secret prisons evoked nationwide umbrage, became a topic of discussion in Parliament and resulted in a departmental investigation. We won international recognition for the project when it was selected to the final of the Daniel Pearl award, the Oscar of investigative journalism, along with our own cover story on the secret rendition programme of Indian intelligence agencies.
We are willing to travel that hazardous mile and bring out the truth because we value your right to accurate information. We would also like to hear what you have to say about such stories and invite you to share your experience with us.  

Celebrate the Courage to Go Beyond with THE WEEK.

'Lab'orious process
By Mini P. Thomas
The corpse, they say, is a silent witness who never lies. But in India, it takes months, and in some cases years, to 'hear' the truth from the corpse.The viscera report of Union Minister Shashi Tharoor's wife, Sunanda Pushkar, came two months after she was found dead at a luxury hotel in Delhi. And it did not reveal enough data for an FIR to be filed. The viscera samples were analysed...
'Volt'e face
Was it politics of vote or the lure of a kickback that made the Madhya Pradesh government blacklist the Hyderabad-based Lanco Group and then overrule itself citing ‘public interest’? Whatever it be, the company stands richer by Rs.4,140 crore. The Lanco Group, which started as a transport business in the 1960s, was built into a conglomerate with interests in construction, power and...
Into thin air
March 20, 2008. A 100-man detachment of the Indian Army completed a 10-day exercise with the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit at Camp Pendleton in California. Soldiers of the 1/1 Gorkha Rifles returned to their quarters one by one. Everyone was jubilant. After all, they had impressed their American counterparts with their bravery and military skills. During the head-count, however, the commanding...
Death of liberty
It is a winter afternoon in Delhi’s Jangpura area. Sitting in her lawyer’s office, Soni Sori, who has recently been granted bail by the Supreme Court, looks relieved. This 38-year-old tribal schoolteacher from Chhattisgarh, who was accused of helping Maoists, says she suffered torture and sexual harassment in jail. She is thinking seriously about joining politics.“I am an...
Harbingers of death
Based on astrological advice, women in rural Tamil Nadu use crude methods of abortion in the hope of having a male child
Dhule’s highwayman
Dhule town was planned by a Bharat Ratna awardee, Sir M. Visvesvaraya. But, the present condition of the town bears no sign of his planning. Today, the town¯situated in the north-western corner of Maharashtra, bordering Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh¯is on the boil over a land scam linked to a bypass on National Highway 6.The National Highways Authority of India planned the bypass on the NH6, as...
Discourses in the desert
Sixty-year-old Shanabhai Pagi is used to sweating it out. For eight months of the year, he and his wife, Devuben, like hundreds of others, labour as salt pan workers (agarias) in the desert region of the Little Rann of Kutch in Gujarat. The Rann (salt marsh) spreads over 5,000 square kilometres and produces 70 per cent of India's salt. It has typical desert climate, with daily temperatures...
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External affair
Goan mining scam
Bodo riots: Victims speak
Dams and damning facts
Medical rip-off
No rain nor shine
Gift warped!
It’s show time
What in Goddess’s name!
Damned lives and statistics
Inside the Ulfa camp
Rhino poaching
Koodankulam: Dollarisation of dissent
Last Word  |  Binayak & Ilina Sen
Sorry state to glory state
The recent attacks on poll personnel and security forces that accompanied the elections in Chhattisgarh have raised many questions about the prevalent political and social discourse. In one incident, security forces ...  »
Power Point  |  Sachidananda Murthy
Handpicked team
Two months ago, the Congress high command sent a disturbing signal to partymen when it nominated Kumari Selja, Union minister for social justice and empowerment, to the Rajya Sabha. Selja had won four Lok Sabha ...  »