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Courage, says the dictionary, makes one confront extreme danger and difficulty without retreating. That requires a certain amount of foolhardiness. At THE WEEK, we believe that there is a method in the madness called courage. It is what made us go after India's own secret torture chambers, when the whole world was discussing Guantanamo Bay, and the hideous torture methods employed by the Americans in the prison they had built on Cuban soil. Our police and security forces were no better, as we realised while chasing the story.

THE WEEK's cover on the secret prisons evoked nationwide umbrage, became a topic of discussion in Parliament and resulted in a departmental investigation. We won international recognition for the project when it was selected to the final of the Daniel Pearl award, the Oscar of investigative journalism, along with our own cover story on the secret rendition programme of Indian intelligence agencies.
We are willing to travel that hazardous mile and bring out the truth because we value your right to accurate information. We would also like to hear what you have to say about such stories and invite you to share your experience with us.  

Celebrate the Courage to Go Beyond with THE WEEK.

By Deepak Tiwari
So, what is it? A wedding hall or an ecotourism centre? The jury is still out on that. The hall in question is one built in Seoni Malwa by Sartaj Singh, the local MLA and public works department minister of Madhya Pradesh.The 75-year-old Singh has quite an interesting political history. He is the only Sikh in the Shivraj Singh Chouhan cabinet. Like many others in Indian politics, he, too, is a...
Don to dusk
Patience and persistence helped Sunil Jain's friends in his quest to send gangster Abu Salem behind bars. Sunil's older brother, builder Pradip Jain, was murdered in his bungalow in Juhu on March 7, 1995. Two decades later, on February 25, a special court hearing the case sentenced Salem to life under the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act. Two of his...
The Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) had never been a headache of the first order for the Mumbai Police or for the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad. But not anymore, it seems. The police are probing the terror outfit’s possible links to Sharif Khan, a 26-year-old who was arrested in January for allegedly forging documents to get sim cards issued from private telecom companies. Khan ran...
Writing their own tickets
Physical abuse and poverty force them to run away from home. But, destination unclear, most of these boys land up lost on railway platforms
Ramp rage
On February 14, a team from Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) demolished an illegal ramp in Bandra, Mumbai. But it was no routine demolition, and no ordinary ramp either. The 1.5m-high and 70m-long ramp was built by actor Shah Rukh Khan on the 'cement road' beside his sea-facing bungalow, Mannat, to park his vanity van. The local residents were not too impressed because the cement...
Raising a stink
Rivers are lifelines of habitations. As old as civilisations, they are close to the hearts of people. They have also been the subject matter of politics. In many cities across the country, politicians have won elections promising to cleanse and rejuvenate rivers. Indore is no exception.The twin Khan-Saraswati rivers of Indore have been at the centre of a controversy for nearly a decade. Three...
Looming threat
As the Toyota Innova neared Kadamguri village in Kokrajhar district, Assam, the driver Tapan Bodo became teary-eyed. With folded hands, he pleaded: “Saab, please allow me to leave you here. They will kill me if they see I am accompanying you. They [tribals] have bows and arrows and they think all Bodos are terrorists. They will kill me.”Leaving the car behind, chief photographer Salil...
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Living in hell
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Goan mining scam
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Damned lives and statistics
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Rhino poaching
Koodankulam: Dollarisation of dissent
chef's choice  |  Hemant Oberoi
Cooking for corporates
At a joint venture meeting between two giant companies, the chief operating officer of one of the companies was slightly on the obese side. This disturbed the health-conscious COO of the other multinational corporation, ...  »
freewheeling  |  Derek O'Brien
Bullying the houses
After President Pranab Mukherjee, it is now Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan who has cautioned against the repeated and knee-jerk use of ordinances. Speaking at a conference in Lucknow, she said, “Ordinances ...  »