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Conflicts of interest
By Nandini Oza
Housing artefacts and documents from years gone by, museums are history's faithful custodians. One of the most common aspects of every museum, however, is the myriad “do not touch” signs that warn curious visitors. The Conflictorium, in that regard, is one of a kind. The nearly two-year-old participatory museum, which addresses conflicts in Gujarat, is growing in popularity and...
The broom grooms   11 October, 2014
Pick the first word that describes this village: clean. And, it has nothing to do with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's cleanliness drive. Palla Kadiyam in Andhra Pradesh's East Godavari district produces brooms. Cleanliness is a byproduct here.Tekemudi Rambabu introduced this cottage industry to the village, which is 25km from Rajahmundry city. He is now the village sarpanch. “I used...
Taj Mahal of the south   26 September, 2014
In 1805, Major General John Pater fell in love with Arabella, the daughter of his subordinate Captain Robinson. Not only was Pater already married but he was also Protestant whereas Arabella was Catholic. Arabella left home to marry Pater. However, the church disapproved of the relationship. At the time, Pater’s battalion was stationed at Bandar Fort near Machilipatnam or Masulipattam as it...
My God, milord   29 August, 2014
It is five in the evening and there is only half an hour to go before the time for the satya pramanam ends at the Sri Varasiddi Vinayaka Swamy temple. Tulakaman eggs on her brother, Kuva, to finish his ritual bath and enter the sanctum santorum for the pramanam, the solemn oath before Lord Vinayaka. Her husband was here last year to promise Vinayaka that he would quit drinking. And, he has kept...
Needle hill   18 August, 2014
A light shower lowers the temperature but doesn't slow down traffic as travellers continue their slow climb to Ketti. The last valley on the Coimbatore- Ooty road is not only picturesque, but also home to one of the biggest needle manufacturers in the world. No haystacks have to be combed to find the company as its big sign welcomes visitors to the busy town.Needle Industries was set up in...
The rail stops at Rewari   04 August, 2014
Spice spot   18 July, 2014
Your 20 rupees worth   28 April, 2014
Saving husbands   22 March, 2014
Anchored in history   14 March, 2014
Bicycle kick   01 March, 2014
Where the Lotus blooms   15 February, 2014
'Cap'ital market   10 February, 2014
Common ground   31 January, 2014
All for the Army   11 January, 2014
Marker of change   28 December, 2013
Wheels of change   07 December, 2013
Worshipping ideals   23 November, 2013
Moreh and more   12 November, 2013
History hangs in the air   26 October, 2013
Door to yesterday   05 October, 2013
Animal instincts   21 September, 2013
Monumental inspiration   07 September, 2013
The town that time forgot   24 August, 2013
A home for celluloid history   10 August, 2013
Culture’s call   27 July, 2013
Carving a career   06 July, 2013
Fire over water   01 June, 2013
A stamp of my own   25 May, 2013
Top class   14 May, 2013
Hidden identity   26 April, 2013
Passionate about dates   16 April, 2013
Spiritual haven   01 April, 2013
Trance by Arabian Sea   08 March, 2013
Tower of tranquillity   22 February, 2013
Viral flavour   08 February, 2013
Cinderella bazaar   25 January, 2013
A glorious past   10 December, 2012
Worlds within a world   01 December, 2012
Enlightenment unlimited   17 November, 2012
Market leader   13 November, 2012
The mango man   29 October, 2012
Tigers, lilies, and chilli-like verse
   01 October, 2012
Sticking up for hockey   24 September, 2012
Princely state   13 September, 2012
IT all began here   25 August, 2012
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