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Khajuraho of the south
By Lalita Iyer
The hilltop temple in Dichpally village, though built in the 14th century, got its first idol only in 1949. Apparently, Alauddin Khilji and lack of workmen were responsible for the shrine being empty.Situated about 15km from Nizamabad, Dichpally Ramalayam attracts thousands of people during Ram Navami. The temple has recently been included in the Telangana government’s tourism plans.Made of...
Oven fresh   13 February, 2015
Lunch time is still two hours away, so Khaja Abdul Hameed can rest easy. The workers, however, have long lit the coal in the tandoor and one can hear a machine churning away. “That is the only modern thing we have here. Everything else is as old as the bakery itself,” says Hameed, fourth-generation owner of Munshi Naan centre, while referring to the dough mixer. Started in 1851 by...
Tribute in multimedia   31 January, 2015
The name Mahatma Mandir could be misleading as it could be mistaken for just another structure built in the memory of the Father of the Nation. Though called Mandir, it is highly utilitarian and technologically sophisticated, with a convention centre and three exhibition halls that can accommodate 15,000 people at a time. The convention centre alone can accommodate 6,000 people and has three...
To the skies   09 January, 2015
It was a nawabi pastime and an exciting game. But patangbazi (kite-flying) failed to withstand the onslaught of western sports. A few men want to revive it, and they dream of a day when hundreds of dancing kites will speckle the blue sky of Lucknow. Seventeen members of the Gomti Nagar Kite Club assemble on a dusty ground near the river Gomti. The club is a brainchild of Mayank Verma, 23, who has...
Man's best debt   29 December, 2014
Sixteen kilometres from the Dindori district headquarters in Madhya Pradesh lies a village along the banks of the Narmada, with the Maikal range in the backdrop. Also close to the buffer zone between the Kanha national park and Achanakmar wildlife sanctuary of Chhattisgarh, the Kukarramath village is located amid a cluster of primitive Baiga adivasi villages. It is a market centre where traders...
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Top class   14 May, 2013
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Trance by Arabian Sea   08 March, 2013
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A glorious past   10 December, 2012
Worlds within a world   01 December, 2012
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Princely state   13 September, 2012
IT all began here   25 August, 2012
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