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Saving husbands
By Ajay Uprety
Her only weapon is a cell phone and her army is a small team of volunteers from Lucknow’s Jankipuram locality. If required, she takes to the streets, organises demonstrations and meets officials-all this to save harassed husbands. Lovingly called ‘Didi’, Indu Subhash fights for men who are victims of marital discord.“Many laws are gender-biased,” she says....
Anchored in history   14 March, 2014
Samuel Leao, 71, says something under his breath to the workers fixing his compound wall; they are unable to comprehend his broken Hindi. “Jesus! In which language do I make these buggers understand now!” exclaims Leao. One of a pair of concrete lions that stood at the gates of his house now sits flush with his front door. “These BMC people are always digging or widening the...
Bicycle kick   01 March, 2014
The world according to Thomas L. Friedman is flat, but P.M. Hamid would not think twice before disputing the veteran columnist's contention. Hamid's world is round; has been, will be. Even as football fans eagerly awaited the world's biggest sporting event to kick off in Brazil in June, the 60-year-old from Fort Kochi in Kerala worked alone to organise the 30th edition of his own...
Where the Lotus blooms   15 February, 2014
The BJP's new state headquarters in Gujarat hints at the generational shift in the party. Named Shree Kamalam, the 11,705sq.ft swanky campus at Koba in Gandhinagar is the brainchild of Narendra Modi, the BJP's prime ministerial candidate. On February 10, Modi and his erstwhile mentor, senior party leader L.K. Advani, declared it open with great fanfare. With offices of all 14 wings of the...
'Cap'ital market   10 February, 2014
In the dingy, narrow lanes of Nabi Karim in old Delhi, small, multicoloured houses stand cheek by jowl. The floors of these three or four-storey houses are joined by narrow iron staircases. Little children, who seem trained to deal with the space constriction, are playing on these staircases, while their mothers are busy gossiping by the roadside. Enter any of these houses and you hear the...
Common ground   31 January, 2014
All for the Army   11 January, 2014
Marker of change   28 December, 2013
Wheels of change   07 December, 2013
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Moreh and more   12 November, 2013
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Animal instincts   21 September, 2013
Monumental inspiration   07 September, 2013
The town that time forgot   24 August, 2013
A home for celluloid history   10 August, 2013
Culture’s call   27 July, 2013
Carving a career   06 July, 2013
Fire over water   01 June, 2013
A stamp of my own   25 May, 2013
Top class   14 May, 2013
Hidden identity   26 April, 2013
Passionate about dates   16 April, 2013
Spiritual haven   01 April, 2013
Trance by Arabian Sea   08 March, 2013
Tower of tranquillity   22 February, 2013
Viral flavour   08 February, 2013
Cinderella bazaar   25 January, 2013
A glorious past   10 December, 2012
Worlds within a world   01 December, 2012
Enlightenment unlimited   17 November, 2012
Market leader   13 November, 2012
The mango man   29 October, 2012
Tigers, lilies, and chilli-like verse
   01 October, 2012
Sticking up for hockey   24 September, 2012
Princely state   13 September, 2012
IT all began here   25 August, 2012
Old and the beautiful   13 August, 2012
First draft of history   31 July, 2012
Nirvana in Karma land   16 July, 2012
Life amid plastic beauties   03 July, 2012
Scripting wonders   12 June, 2012
Drape another day   02 June, 2012
Frozen in time   21 May, 2012
One stop shop    05 May, 2012
Tradition in thread   20 April, 2012
Dreamz Unlimited   05 April, 2012
The heart of Kolkata   23 March, 2012
Not all Kamasutra   03 March, 2012
SoBo never slows down   21 February, 2012
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