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Worth the wait! 
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It's a feeling of great contentment to share a cup of hot steaming tea with your loved one, on a hilltop, abundant with lush greenery. There was this lady running a tea stall in a tiny hill station called Yercaud in Tamil Nadu. One sip—and my husband and I exchanged happy looks. Our day was made. We went on to have 4-5 cups that very misty morning during the early part of our 20-day road trip to a few southern destinations!
Little could beat the warm feelings that the cool salubrious climate of Ooty and neighbouring Wellington evoked in me. Wellington—the only hill station with a sea of olive-green (Army), white (Navy) and blue (Air Force). The nostalgia that overtakes your senses when you look at wooden flooring and antique furniture in rooms fitted with age-old fireplaces devoid of fans, takes you back into the regal British era. The aroma of homemade chocolates and marshmallows just make you want more. But then you know you need to let go and move on.

The beauty of pure nature in its varied forms never seems to lose its freshness. I realised this fact during our drive from the hills down to the seashore. The pristine white beauty of the beaches at the Karwar Naval base is simply breathtaking. The pebbles stood out so prettily when I looked down at the clear blue waters. Without a soul in sight, the palm trees waving their arms on the little islands close by seemed to happily whisper their secrets to me. And well, I had one to share with them, as well. On one of these beautiful beaches from where you could see ships anchored far away was the most beautiful spot of my world. This was where my life partner stood one moonlit night and expressed his feelings for me, for the first time. The look on his face when he showed it to me was powerful rhetoric that no flowery words could match up to.

Our awesome journey continued. Goa—the land of sun ‘n' sand! A wondrous place that is full of tourists who want to forget the real world amidst the crowded beaches, fenny and fish. But I've realised most Army officers even on holiday feel at home only in Army establishments. So, while on one hand, you let your hair loose in beachwear and trot happily with a hat on your head on Calangute and Baga beach, at the end of the day you spruce up before finally coming back to the Army holiday home! Nevertheless, I realise one ends up enjoying the best of both worlds!

It's been quite a while since we embarked on that journey or any other aimed to have pure and simple fun. I miss the carefree laughter we shared when the frost of the air mixed with the steam of the yummy chai in Yercaud. I long for the feeling of blissful oblivion away from the world of rigmarole. Sometimes it's so difficult to obtain something as simple as being together with no care and no worry!  I know I shall have to wait some more. But I don't mind because while “the worst part of life is waiting, the best part is having someone worth waiting for.”

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Worth the wait!
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