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My battle is not over yet 
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Vinita Kamte, wife of the slain assistant commissioner of police Ashok Kamte, learnt about the execution of Kasab through a phone call from an acquaintance. She took it with the equanimity that has been on display ever since her world turned upside down four years ago. Excerpts from an interview:

What was your first reaction?
I was relieved and satisfied. There are still several doubts over what exactly happened at Cama Hospital that night [which led to Kamte's death], but there is no doubt that Kasab and his partner had killed them. I appreciate the manner in which the execution was done.

The timing of the execution is close to the anniversary of the terror attack.
Yes. It was something the government had to do, so that it could face the country. You couldn't let another year go without taking any action.

Is it a closure for you?
No. It is just one chapter over. For me, there are still many unanswered questions about my husband's death. The documents I got through RTI applications and phone logs do not tally. The timings of the calls made vary by a few minutes, the entries are in different handwritings. There is something very seriously amiss. It is a shame that an officer's wife has not the right to know the truth about her husband's death. You expect your own department will give clarifications, not that you will have to struggle to seek out the truth. The Mumbai media was not with us either…. The Ram Pradhan committee passed some remarks against the officers [Kamte, Karkare and Salaskar]. It disturbs me that those comments are still in their report.

Have you given up?
No. My battle is still not over. My appeal is pending before the state information commission, seeking clarification why two sets of official documents have discrepancies.

The masterminds of the terror attack have not been brought to book.
Yes. The efforts have been slow, but I see the international efforts are on, they are all trying. I am sure they will be brought to book.

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My battle is not over yet
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